President & CEO Brad Smith

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Welcome to JLCC Combustion Laboratories!

JLCC offers product testing for many types of engine products to prove or disprove claims, offer substantial documentation, and prepare for litigation.


We can also offer assistance with the development of new gasoline and diesel additive products. Under NDA, JLCC can help develop new products that are not currently available on the market.

Whatever your situation, we are more than glad to help you through it.

Brad Smith

President & CEO 


About JLCC:

JLCC is leading the way as Combustion & Emission Consultants in Low Emission Combustion. Located just East of Dallas Texas, we specialize in developing new and modifying combustion equipment that is generally not otherwise available. ​ Real Solutions will be proposed that are tailored to your specific conditions, and our Engineers will work with you from the initial concept phase, through design, procurement, installation, and start up. 

Our approach is not dictated by a narrow range of brand name products, or hampered by an inflexible methodology.  Our policy has always been to recommend the best-suited equipment for specific needs and operations. We can offer unique assistance that will save you considerable time and capital investment. 

JLCC, Inc. was founded by long-time Global Combustion Consultant Jerry Lang many years ago. JLCC, Inc incorporated the business in 2001, and has always been a solutions-oriented company focusing on the needs of the refining and oil & gas production industries.